Seasonal Timeline

What Is a Seasonal Timeline?

The seasonal timeline is set up to accept items with enough time to curate a collection and process the clothing. By accepting items earlier than you would expect, it allows us to release the clothing exactly when you would start shopping for the appropriate season.
Always List: Designer handbags, fine jewelry, athletic-wear and accessories are considered season-less and will be looked at throughout the year.​

Consignment is taken by appointment only.

January- Resort

Resort: During this time we accept items that you would find yourself wearing on a warm beach vacation or cruise. These items consist of light tops and bottoms, swim-suits (unworn with the sanitary liner & tags attached) beach cover ups, shorts, and sandals.

February through April- Spring

We begin taking our Spring consignment on February 1st, and start to become more selective in March. During this time we are looking for: transitional outerwear, raincoats, premium denim (lighter washes), light sweaters, unique tops and blouses, sandals, more pastel colors, and anything else you could see yourself wearing during the Spring.

May through June- Summer

We start taking Summer consignment in early April, and start to become more selective during the month of May. We will be looking for: Light tops and bottoms, premium denim/shorts (lighter washes), light dresses, sandals, sunglasses, and items that have a warmer or lighter color palette.

July (1st-15th)

Always list: Designer handbags, active-wear, fine jewelry & accessories.

August & September- Fall

We begin to take Fall consignment during the months of August and September. This is when we start to look for: transitional outerwear, light sweaters, premium denim (darker washes), boots, and items that are darker and neutral colors.

October through November- Winter/Holiday

Winter: We begin accepting Winter items in October. We will be looking for: heavier sweaters, long sleeve tops and blouses, premium denim (darker washes), cold weather jackets, and boots.

Holiday: We will be accepting holiday items beginning in October, and becoming slightly more selective in November. The items we are looking for are: cocktail dresses, evening wear, sweaters, trousers, boots, and formal outerwear.

We begin taking Winter consignment on October 16th 2023.


Always List: Designer handbags, fine jewelry & accessories

Consignment Breaks

July 1st-15th

December 15th-31st