Consignor Policy

Due to our high volume of consignors and items, we encourage all consignors to utilize their online accounts to keep track of their inventory. Accounts will provide information related to pick up dates, item status, and transactions.

Depending on price range, each item has a selling period along with a pick up and/or expiration date. Some items will be subject to markdowns at the end of the selling period. Markdowns may affect consignor commission. Once an item expires, it defaults to the store. If an item sells after its expiration, consignors do not receive commission. Please refer to the list below for further explanation:

  • Items priced $74.99 & Below - 60 day selling period. Items are eligible for pick up on day 50. After 60 days, the items expire and default to the store. 
  • Items priced $75 & Above - 90 day selling period. Items are eligible for pick up after 60 days or the consignor may choose to leave the item for another 30 days at a reduced price. If the consignor does not pick up their item(s) after 90 days, it will expire and default to the store. 

Luxury Items - High-end designers and luxury brand items do not expire. These items have a 90 day selling period (at full price) before any markdowns. Luxury items will receive a lower markdown. These items are eligible for pick up after 90 days.

We require a 48-hour notice from consignors who wish to pick up unsold items. This allows time for our staff to pull the items from the selling floor, remove tags, and update the consignor’s account. We ask that consignors notify staff about any timeline conflicts by calling the store at 978-474-1755 or sending an email to