Autism Acceptance Event

This Bag Could Be Yours...

Our online/in-store Louis Vuitton (On the Go tote retail value $3400) raffle kicks off on March 15th and will run through April 13th! Ticket prices start at $25, see the chart below for more details.

1 entry: $25

3 entries: $50

5 entries: $75

7 entries: $100

10 entries: $150

12 entries: $180

15 entries: $225

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We are excited to invite you to a very special after-hours event to raise awareness and support for Melmark New England, a nonprofit human services organization that provides services for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Join us on April 13th at 5:30 PM, along with Sandra Sigman from Les Fleurs and the team from Melmark for a special evening of shopping, event night raffles, small bites, and bubbly.  100% of the raffle proceeds will go directly to Melmark New England.


What it means to May:

The mission of Melmark holds a special place in May’s heart, as she is the aunt of twin nephews with autism, so she has experienced first-hand the challenges they face, as well as those of the whole family. She has also witnessed the benefits of the kind of services Melmark provides and wants to help ensure they are able to continue their great work.

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