Why Consignment makes sense

Written by May Doherty, Owner

If you love to shop, stay up on trends and add to your wardrobe then you need to consider Consignment as part of your regular shopping experience. It might not cross your mind as your first stop on a girls shopping trip but why not? Shopping consignment has more benefits outside of saving you money. So you might ask yourself, why shop consignment?

You save money.

The first obvious answer is that it you can get some great deals on some amazing brands. Consignment enables consumers to upgrade the quality of their wardrobe and purchase luxury brands at a fraction of retail.  For some, it’s a gateway purchase for expensive luxury brands that might otherwise be out of their financial reach.

It's great for the environment

You might not have considered this but shopping consignment just makes fiscal and environmental sense. Dubbed the “circular fashion movement,” buying something pre-loved extends its lifespan and reduces its carbon footprint. It also provides a guilt-free outlet for the consumer by discouraging waste, promoting sustainability and contributing to the circular economy. The secondary (resale)market is now supporting the retail market as more people are consigning and using their earnings to buy new.

 As the second-most polluting industry in the world, the fashion industry is experiencing major push-backs and demands for sustainability from modern consumers who are becoming more mindful about their consumption habits. In 2017, 44 million women shopped secondhand compared to 35 million in 2016.  The fast growing word of consignment/resale is creating an extended life cycle for clothing and accessories. Transitioning from something a few “thrifters” did to save money, consignment/resale is being positioned as the next big fashion trend.

It makes fashion accessible

Buying resale is one of the smartest, easiest and most fashionable ways to upgrade your wardrobe without having to increase your income, which is why it appeals to people of means and conscience. There is no need to sacrifice style for sustainability.

There are countless online options to purchase pre-owned goods but for us, it’s always been about the in-store experience, and bringing our brand to life. At Chic you will be greeted by friendly faces, given styling advice, and have the opportunity to touch, feel and try on in a well organized boutique-like environment. 

 We hope you’ll join us in  this fashion-sharing consignment movement and add authentic luxury favorites to your wardrobe.  Luxury for Less is what Chic is all about!



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