Tips for looking Cute while Staying Warm!

Written by May Doherty, Owner

It isn't easy staying warm and looking cute. Here are a few tips written by May Doherty, Owner of Chic Consignment, about how to look cute and be warm this winter!

1. Find a warm and flattering coat.⁠

A warm coat doesn’t have to be super puffy and shapeless. Look for styles that show off your silhouette. Many coats have waistbands or belts/drawstrings that cinch your waist and shine your figure but still keep you warm.⁠

2. Wear a statement scarf.⁠ ⁠

Some of our favorites include oversized blanket styles, luxurious cashmere (we love a Burberry plaid in a bright color), and fur/faux fur collars/stoles.⁠

3. Find Cohesive Accessories

One of the most important accessories to wear in cold weather is a hat. We love beanies, especially cute, feminine ones with a little pom pom at the top, and a

well made felt hat really polishes off a look while keeping your head warm. Whatever hat you decide to wear, make

sure it goes with the other accessories you pair it with- gloves, scarf, etc. You want there to be a theme with your accessories, but they don’t have to be completely matchy matchy. ⁠

4. Layer up⁠

Underneath your jacket, make sure you are wearing a few layers. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt, turtleneck, sweater or vest under your coat. The more layers you wear, the warmer you will be.⁠

5. Wear multi-functional boots

Not only are over the knee (OTK) boots super on trend and fashionable, but they actually serve another purpose in the colder months! OTK boots add an extra layer to your legs and keep you super warm. While they won’t keep your feet as warm as snow boots would, they will provide an extra layer of warmth to your legs. Just make sure to wear a thick pair of socks to keep your feet warm. Another great option is a combat style bootie. Heeled or flat, some even come with fleece or shearling linings. ⁠



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