The Backroom at Chic

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Written by Mary LaBrie, Pricing Specialist

Ever wonder what happens after you drop off your consignment?

Well today you will find out all about it!

After your lovely items leave your hands and enter our backroom, they go into a queue. We generally price items in the order they come in, but exceptional items and designer handbags may be expedited. Once your items are ready to be priced, it will be up to our dedicated pricing specialists to determine the correct price. All clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories and jewelry are carefully and methodically inspected, then researched. Our pricing specialists will confirm comps online in the resale world and verify original retail prices to determine a fair and equitable price for both consignor and buyer. General rule of thumb in consignment is 1/3 of retail, but higher for designer and the most desirable items in excellent condition.

Jewelry consignment requires precision. We have all the tools we need at Chic to test our gems and see all the hallmarks in order to research and determine the most competitive and fair price for all parties.

Why go through so much trouble?

Offering authentic designer handbags and other merchandise is of utmost importance to us. Super fakes and fraud exchange are real, so we must be 100% certain all our bags are authentic before they hit the floor. How do we do that? It starts at intake. Our staff can often detect fakes by sight. Many of our team members have 6+ years of extensive experience with both mainstream and designer brands, from J. Crew to Chanel. After intake, our trained staff will examine each bag before it undergoes the scientific examination by Entrupy. Entrupy is the world’s first and only on demand authentication solution. It is a camera like device that can determine authenticity based on algorithms. Every designer handbag will be tested on site and all authentic handbags come with a certificate of authenticity. Those that don’t pass, will be given back to the consignor. This is part of the Chic confidence and why we are a trusted seller.

After 10 years in business, Chic strives to maintain the trust and confidence of our 5000+ consignors and loyal customer base from all over the world. Every day at Chic, you can be confident that you are getting quality authentic merchandise at a fraction of retail. Chic will always provide Luxury for Less.



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