How To: Scarves

Written by: May Doherty, Owner

Every woman should include a silk scarf in her wardrobe — it instantly adds visual interest and sophistication to an outfit.  In addition, it’s ability to be worn in so many different ways makes it a truly transformative accessory.  

A great scarf is a classic piece that has an inherently stylish history, calling to mind icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. It evokes a sense of luxury, but its versatility makes it an easy addition to any outfit. 

Scarves come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics. The gold standard is French design house, Hermes, whose high quality silks and magnificent prints make them highly coveted collectors’ items. We have a fabulous collection of Hermes scarves at Chic, and you can also find lots of other beautiful scarves at very affordable prices. With so many motif and size options, anyone can find a style to suit their taste and budget.  Keep reading to see how we’re wearing scarves this season.

1. As a hair accessory.

The 90’s influence in fashion has caused a resurgence of interest in hair accessories including hair clips, headbands and of course, scarves. A scarf is a super simple but effective hair accessory. If your hair is long, try tying one on your pony tail or messy bun, or even weaving one into your braid. For mid length or shorter hair create a headband effect by wrapping and twisting a scarf around your head.  Check out our video to see how it’s done.

2. Belt it UP.

Using a scarf as a belt is a great alternative to a more traditional leather belt. It creates a softer look and can really elevate a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit by adding pattern and visual interest. Another way is to wear a scarf is at the waist, creating a cummerbund effect, which can look especially good with dresses and skirts. Check out our video to see how it’s done.

3. Halter Top.

Warmer temps call for lighter clothing and more skin showing.  A square scarf in a fun, bright pattern makes a perfect halter top.  With a few simple knots a square scarf (at least 35” wide) can easily become your new favorite summer top.  Check out our video to see how it’s done.

4. As a Dress or Skirt.

Ever see a gorgeous giant scarf and think: what the heck would I do with that? Well, we have some ideas for you. With a simple crisscross and knot, an oversized scarf (think around 72”) can be transformed into a great dress that can be worn loose or add a belt for waist definition and contrast. Perfect for summer vacation or a visit to your favorite resort. That same scarf can also be wrapped around your waist and worn as a skirt; either over your bathing suit or classic tank top. Check out our video to see how it’s done. 

Scarves are a great way to add color, interest and of course, print to any outfit. These examples are just a few of the ways we like to style them. We hope you found this helpful and might give at least one of them a try.



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