Fall 2019 Trend Report

Written by: May Doherty, Owner

Yes, it’s still summer but we are really looking forward to fall! As summer comes to a close, there’s a buzz in the air with the excitement the new season has to offer. It feels like a new beginning and there is nothing like that first crisp day when we trade in our sandals for a walk to work in our most-loved booties. We are not wishing summer away, but as a fashion business, we have to stay ahead of the curve and provide our customers with current, on-trend merchandise. We also want to help you make good choices about which runway trends are truly translatable to real life, which are worth investing in, and how to incorporate them into your seasonal wardrobe updates.

It’s fairly common knowledge that fashion is cyclical and trends are reinvented over the decades. Some fall trends like plaid, are perennial, but how they are interpreted and styled is what makes them look fresh and new. Some trends are very short lived and others gain momentum over several seasons. The following are our top 5 picks for the fall 2019 fashion trends we are getting behind.

1. Cinched Suiting:  The ‘80’s power suit trend of the last couple seasons remains strong and wearable for many lifestyles. It’s a great professional look but if your lifestyle is more casual, a blazer/jeans combo can’t be beat. The big news here is BELTS.  Cinching the waist creates a shape-defining silhouette that is flattering to most body types and is a bit more fun and definitely more feminine. If you don’t own a blazer, invest in a belted one. Already own a great blazer? Buy a great-looking belt, strap it on over the blazer and voila, instant update!

2. Dark Romance:  The floral dress silhouette that was so popular this spring is still going strong; keeping its momentum through this fall, with darker patterns and more layered fabrics There’s nothing easier to wear than a dress; it’s a one-piece outfit that can be layered and styled in different ways.  For this fall, dark moody florals take center stage and look best in retro-inspired prairie and renaissance styles. Tip: make these dresses look less like what-your-grandma-wears-to-bed by pairing them with anything from heeled booties to your favorite loafers. Or, if you’re feeling a little 90’s grunge, add a bit of lace or tulle and a pair of Dr. Marten booties.

3. Color. Color. Color:  Neutrals were a big story for spring and they continue to be important for fall as a great way to balance some of the really bold colors and patterns that will be so prevalent. We’ve broken down the colors we think are worth giving a try into 2 categories; Expected and Unexpected. 

EXPECTED: easy harvest hues like beige, camel, burgundy and brown are rich and gorgeous fall colors that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Neutral clothes wash you out? Invest in quality neutral accessories like tall brown moc-croc boots or a gorgeous camel handbag.

UNEXPECTED: All shades of GREEN; especially lighter ones like PISTACHIO, deep mint, sage and olive. Wear a head-to-toe monochromatic ensemble for the most impact.  Not that adventurous? Try one piece and pair it with a neutral. It doesn’t matter which piece is the “IT” color; make your choice based on which color looks best with your skin tone. Other impact colors to consider: PURPLE (deep dark shade as well as lavender) HOT PINK (yes, for fall!), and ORANGE.

4. Classics With A Twist: Also being Called “Bougie Girls” this trend, which Vogue succinctly described as “separates-based dressing that celebrates personal taste over a single “must-have item”.  It is  a clear-cut shift from dramatic statement looks to refined separates for everyday dressing that includes but isn't limited to skirts, suiting, heritage prints such as plaid and tartan, refined ruffles, CAPES, trench coats and midi-length pleated skirts.  This is the one most everyone can wear.

5. Asymmetrical Necklines: If you are on the fence about off-the-shoulder silhouettes, this look is a nice compromise. The slouchy, lopsided shoulder looks effortlessly put together and gives off an “I just threw this on” vibe, and is super flattering.  You’ll find this style in dresses, structured tops and comfy sweaters, which are the most universally easy to wear...especially great with jeans.


-Leather separates: pants, tops, dresses, jackets and trench coats. Great in classic black but incredible in color.

-Moc-Croc accessories; think bags, boots and belts

- Rhinestone earrings..the bigger the better!

-Large link chain choker necklaces

-Embellsihed footwear: think crystals, pearls and feathers.

The end of summer is the perfect time to take stock of what’s in your closet and plan out your fall updates.  We hope you’ll use our fall trend report as your guide.  Happy shopping!



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