Cutting Edge: Breathing new life into fabulous finds

By Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs

I was born loving fashion. As a child, teenager and young woman I would accessorize anything and anyone who walked by. I LOVED putting outfits together but always tried to make them my own in some way. The idea of looking like everyone else was not my cup of tea and knew that personal “style” was something I coveted.

I’m hoping to share a fabulous secret that I’ve been doing with clothes that no longer work for me, but I still love. Ready? My secret is that I “alter” them by cutting, ripping, tearing in areas that make them a whole new item for your wardrobe. Another reason to shop at CHIC!! I can find an affordable dress that fits me in all the right places but might be too long or a bit too short — well, adjust the dress to fit YOU! I would buy the dress and literally with my scissors, cut the bottom off and make it a fabulous tunic or top! I know this sounds harsh but listen, the “unhemmed” look is not just for jeans anymore. If you can do a clean cut NO ONE will know it was cut. If you have shaky hands or don’t have the confidence - take to your trusted tailor and have him cut it!

In these pictures I've taken a dress that I love the fit of up to the hips but felt it was a bit frumpy for me - a clean cut at the hips and done! A great fitting top to go with all my skinny jeans.

Sometimes the hem does not fray and its awesome and sometimes the fray is perfect! You can still buy that piece you love, at an affordable price, a piece that no one else has and voila! Now you have a new top, tunic or dress - whatever you like. Sometimes I love a top or dress at Chic so much but it’s not the season to wear it or it’s tight under the arms. What do I do? I cut the arms off! Perfect. Now I have a summer top or dress for half the price.

Cutting and fraying are not just for jeans anymore - and yes, I know too much fray can be sloppy or too “young” looking but it’s also a subtle look you can do with most pieces.

Hey, believe me, I don’t change everything I buy at CHIC and you will always find something that fits you perfectly but this is a great way to find something original and make it your own.

And don’t get me started about JEANS! This is where you can have soooo much fun cutting and ripping and fraying. If a pair of jeans fit you perfectly in the hips, bum and thighs you know how great that feels and looks, so if the length is off (you know what I’m going to say), CUT IT!! Literally every length of jeans is in style now so you cannot go wrong! Especially with summer coming, every year I go through my jeans, if they don’t work for me as long jeans I cut then into shorts or capris and wear them all summer.

I was tired of wearing these boyfriend jeans but knew they would be a good short for the summer - easy cut with scissors, they will fray in the wash, or you can cuff them any time so a shorter version!

Chic is filled with the most original styles that would suit anyone’s taste, for ALL ages. It’s easy and exciting to shop there plus I love the HUNT!!! One of my favorite parts about visiting is seeing May, the wonderful owner, who’s iconic style is inspirational! Sometimes I just pop in there to see what she’s wearing. Talk about personal style! The BEST!!!

Go to Chic, have a wonderful shopping experience, meet people who love fashion, and buy affordable pieces that could work right off the rack or make them your own. You will be hooked and will go back for more!!! Happy Spring and find your Style at CHIC!



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