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Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Written by May Doherty, Owner

Authenticity is an integral part of what Chic is all about. As a designer consignment boutique selling pre-owned luxury goods, authenticity is paramount, and our reputation is precious. Authenticity goes well beyond “how do we know the bag is real?” (we’ll get to that in a bit). It starts by building trust with both consignors and customers. Consignment is essentially a business partnership and as the selling agent for the consignor we are their representative in the marketplace. They trust us to take good care of their valuable items; to be discreet, to set competitive prices and to market their items through various channels including our store front, website, social media platforms and other advertising vehicles. Our customers trust us to offer an extensive collection of authentic pre-owned luxury goods at affordable prices, with great service and honest information.

For the last 10 years it has been our policy that only authentic bags make it to our selling floor. These days it is getting increasingly difficult to tell a real designer bag vs. a fake bag. With super fakes on the rise and scammers getting increasingly clever, it is more important than ever that we (and you) ensure a bag is the real deal. Though we value it, we can no longer rely solely on the good word and integrity of a consignor. Now it requires more proof than that.

Determining authenticity is a combination of art and science.

The Art is our trained Consign Team who performs a detailed examination of every designer bag, looking for brand-specific hallmarks including serial numbers, holograms, date codes, stamping, symmetry, quality and pattern of stitching, and hardware. In addition, they verify numbers on authenticity cards and evaluate overall workmanship and materials.

The Science: Our Team’s physical examination of the bags is then backed up with the science of Entrupy; the world’s first and only on-demand authentication solution. Powered by artificial intelligence and algorithms, Entrupy enables our team to examine bags at a microscopic level and produces a certificate of authenticity that comes with the bag when purchased. The Entrupy service is performed on site and is utilized for every bag whose brand is on the Entrupy-supported list (15 major designer brands).

At Chic, our objective is to provide a trusted place where our customers can feel confident they are buying 100% authentic pre-owned luxury goods.

Learn more about the authentication services Chic offers here.



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