How to style a sweater

How to jazz up your Sweaters

How to style a sweater

Written by Devin Murphy Doherty

When temperatures start to drop, there is something comforting in putting on a favorite sweater with some jeans and knowing you instantly look chic. It somehow ushers in the holiday season and the memories of being with friends and family for good food and even better conversations.  While the holidays may look a little different this year, that is no reason why we can’t still enjoy our sweaters and have some fun experimenting with bolder styling choices.  The layering can also help you stay chic when outdoor dining in cooler temps since that seems to be a trend that is going to stick around for a while!

1. Layers, layers, and more layers!

There are so many options on what to put both UNDER and OVER sweaters.  My personal favorite is a button-up shirt with a fun pattern or print and a solid crew neck or v-neck sweater.  It adds so much personality to a look without being overwhelming and distracting.  Wearing a plain white or other solid color button-up under a more eye-catching sweater can also be a way to elevate an outfit to work in more professional arenas without losing too much personality from the sweater.


Blazers are another sweater hero.  Loose fitting and boxy blazers are having a huge moment right now and are the perfect layering piece for just about any type of sweater you might find.  Turtlenecks are especially good partners for blazers.  The tailoring of the blazer helps sharpen the silhouette and put polish on even the slouchiest of necks.

Pairing both a button-up under a sweater with a blazer on top can provide enough warmth and flexibility that outdoor dining might still be an attractive activity—no bulky coat required!  I have personally tested this with an undershirt at a November football game in Michigan and can report not a hit of frostbite found me despite being the only one without a winter coat!



2. Jeans don’t fit after Quarantine Fifteen?  No problem!

While jeans and sweaters go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows, unexpected elements like velvet leggings or faux-leather trousers can really tap into your individual style.  There are more texture and shape options than ever before and the looser fitting styles are really having a moment—think paper-bag waists, pleats, and relaxed fit legs.  The old rules about wearing opposite proportions, ie. a fitted top with looser bottoms or vice versa, has been dumped on its head.

A fun skirt is also a great option.  Feel free to experiment with fabrics here too.  Silk, brocade, velvet, chiffon and/or sequins ALL add pizzazz and a certain festiveness to sweaters without distracting from your beautiful face (and mask)!  Plaids and animal prints are always a winter go-to but a solid monochromatic look in a contrasting fabric also makes a powerful statement.  If you are scared of being swallowed up with such proportions, a slight side tuck can still bring shape to the outfit without adding bulk around the entire waistband.


3. Now for decorations.

If by this point, you still aren’t sure that you want to change up from jeans and a sweater but you still want to add a little something special, you are in luck!  2020 has given us more accessory options than ever before.  Masks and mask chains are obvious but headbands, felt hats, and statement jewelry have also come a long way this year.  I’m a headband girl myself.  Somehow it instantly gives some height and volume to my super thin hair and it helps pull the curtains back to display whatever festive earrings I have on that day.  (A carry over from my grandmother who always had theme earrings!)  But if headbands aren’t your thing, you can still add sparkle to your face with statement earrings—they aren’t just reserved for bare-shoulder summer looks anymore.

Shoes are also open for debate.  Boots are classic but loafers can provide a solid base and non-slip sole to help navigate any icy sidewalks.  Sneakers can be worn with literally ANTHING nowadays.  Even sandals can be winterized with socks or tights.  While I would probably save the Crocs for those stay-at-home days, there is no reason you have to substitute fashion for comfort anymore.

Do you have any tried and true sweater styling tips?  Leave a comment or tag @ChicConsignment on our social media pages.  I can’t wait to see how you personalize such a winter classic!

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  • Chris Mariano: June 23, 2021

    I use decorative shoe clips on the neckline of a crew neck sweater or clip them to exposed jean pockets or clip them on to faux or fur cuffs added to a sweater

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