Fall Trends 2021

Fall Trends 2021

Fall Trends 2021

Fall 2021 Trend Report

Summer isn't over yet, but fashion lovers like us have already started spinning our own narrative for the wardrobe possibilities that lie ahead. Rebounding from a year full of loungewear, we’ve tuned into the fall 2021 collections to select our trend pics for fashion's favorite season. 

 We want you to be as excited about getting dressed as we are! Some of the usual suspects are back (we're looking at you, denim), but fierce leopard coats, cool knitwear, saturated bright tones, and luxe laces are just some of the fall trends we are getting amped up about right now. Remember, classics never go out of style and high quality basics are the foundation of a strong wardrobe, but here are 5 ways to infuse some newness and excitement into your looks for this season.

1. Saturation Point

If there was ever a time for a dose of fun, it's 2021. Neutrals have dominated fashion for the past few seasons, but as cautious optimism is mounting for a reopening world, we're also seeing that reflected in fashion. For fall, expect to see lots of vibrant colors. Rather than a standout hue, we're seeing saturated shades in a rainbow of colors—from electric yellow to cobalt blue, to hot pink. Wear one color from head to toe for maximum impact, or just add the pop with one standout piece.  We especially love bright colored coats and jackets.

2. Knitwear: Cable knits and Vested Interests

It wouldn't be a fall/winter trend guide without an entire category dedicated to knitwear, and this season, it's all about cable-knit. Cable-knit sweaters are pretty much a seasonal staple at this point, but for this fall, they are the stand-out knitwear look of the season. From chunky oversize sweaters and cropped cardigans, to dresses and matching sets, if you're covered in cables, you are doing it right!  Not into “bulky” knits?  Try a sleeker, rib knit texture, they are both comfy and easy to wear.

Sweater vests are another stand out item in the knitwear trend. This season’s sweater vests don’t resemble your old school uniforms, thankfully.  Instead they are a cool additional  layer that adds shape, style and warmth to pull your look together. From a cap sleeve solid vest worn over a retro patterned blouse and pants, to a tunic-like sweater vest in a saturated bright color (try one over a dress!), we love how this “third piece” can easily transform a basic look  to a wow outfit in a flash.


3. Faux Fur

 Our wardrobes may be forever changed by all of the cozy clothes we wore during our stay at home/work from home time, but for fall, designers are proposing a luxe vision of comfort with some really fun, fashion-forward takes on faux fur. You'll find chunky coats and jackets in a range of colors—from tawny brown to arctic white—that you'll want to wrap yourself up in, but you'll also find unexpected pieces like tube tops, footwear and accessories  that put a whole new spin on how to wear furry clothing. 

4. Outerwear

As New Englanders, outerwear (aka coats and jackets) is a very important wardrobe category as we wear it many months of the year. Cold weather is a fact of our daily lives but there is no reason why we can stay warm and look cute, is there? This season, the fashion industry has come through with some amazing outerwear that checks all our boxes; comfy, cool and warm.  Here are our favorites:

Soft Coats: Everyone likes a little comfort, and these soft cloud-like coats and jackets are supersized and make you feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket. From slick leather-like puffers, to a hot pink puffer resembling a duvet cover, to a soft sherpa-like print coat, the soft coat trend is no sleeper for fall 2021. Quilting continues to be an important detail (traditional diamond quilting is classic), but the newness this season lies in the unconventional patterns like curvy and horizontal quilting and color blocking.  Some of these yummy coats even come with built-in scarves!

Leopard Print Coats: Hang onto your leopard coats because this animal print favorite was on many a runway for Fall 2021. Who needs a basic black coat when you can liven things up with an equally neutral leopard print? From ankle-length belted numbers and strollers(above the knee), to classic wraps and hip-grazing jackets, there is a leopard print coat style for everyone this fall.



5. Head-to-toe Denim

Here is a new way to dress in denim for fall 2021. Designers showed head-to-toe denim in classic blue shades that give you a pulled-together yet casual look. From a conservative blue denim fitted jacket and matching pants to casual denim jumpsuits, all denim looks or denim worn as a base under a jacket can be your new uniform. Yes, the denim tuxedo is in! 


Honorable Mentions

-Bold Color Leather: There will always be a place in our hearts for black leather but it is so refreshing to see gorgeous bright colored leather or “leather look” pieces for Fall 2021. Bold hues in leather cannot go unnoticed; imagine yourself in a bright lilac midi trench coat, or a hot red dress.  How about a full leather (real or faux)pantsuit?  Take your pick and have fun with it!

-Amazing Lace: Almost every season, some version of lace comes into play, but the lace pieces for Fall 2021 are absolutely amazing. From incredible all lace dresses to romantic overlays and modern laser cut patterns, to unexpected pairings (think lace skirts and quilted jackets), adding an element of lace to your wardrobe is a must.

-Boots: Always an essential part of  a fall wardrobe, here are 2 boot styles that we think should be in everyone’s closet:

1.Tall boots.  Think structured (not slouchy) leather, knee high with a heel.  These look especially great with dresses and skirts.

2.Ankle boot. Whether you opt for a sleek flat Chelsea boot or a lug sole combat boot, a good ankle boot works with everything from denim to dresses and will earn a place of honor in your closet. Not into booties?  Try a chunky sole loafer for an updated classic vibe.

While we intend to savor these last days of summer, we can’t wait  to start shopping for fall.  Who's with us?


                         Bold Leather                                                               Amazing Lace                                                                Tall Boots


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