2022 Winter Fashion Trends For Women & How To  Shop Them For Less

2022 Winter Fashion Trends For Women & How To Shop Them For Less

2022 Winter Fashion Trends For Women & How To  Shop Them For Less

Top 2022 Winter Fashion Trends For Women & How To  Shop Them For Less

Let’s go ahead and say it; there is always something exciting about diving deep into the top fashion trends for winter 2022. This year’s most noteworthy styles are full of mood-uplifting colors and interesting blast-from-the-past patterns. These trends easily fit every aesthetic.

Designers are once again on a mission to add a little extra flair to our chic cold-weather looks with sustainability, longevity, and sophisticated comfort in mind. This appreciation of circular fashion from designers and fashion connoisseurs is yet another reason to embrace the luxury pre-loved fashion market this year and beyond.

If you too want to give your wardrobe a stylish boost, here is a glimpse of what the best 2022 winter fashion trends have to offer.




From upgraded classics to modern, chic must-haves, the quilting trend is here to encourage us to rediscover its possibilities.  Artful motifs, intricate patterns, and an overwhelming amount of color are only a few key elements of these trending pieces. From colorful patchwork jackets and bags, as well as stunning 70’s-inspired skirts, that seem like they’ve just jumped out of “Granny’s basement'', the sartorial possibilities are endless.



Elevated shearlings


Show-stopping shearlings flooded the runways and the streets of the world's biggest fashion capitals - and for a very good reason. Comfortably chic and casually cool, shearlings are the epitome of cold-weather dressing for winter 2022 fashion.  To be fair, nothing beats the warmth and comfort of shorn sheep wool, and its ability to accentuate every ensemble with ease.


Drenched in 2022’s most vivid colors


After months of isolation and hundreds of Zoom calls later, mood-enhancing colors are here to help us overcome the perpetual gloomy vibes of the past and reclaim our wardrobes. If you aren’t quite ready to venture into the oh-so-bright territory, you can still play safe by adding a few unexpected flairs of the top color trends for winter.

From Ibiza and Mykonos Blue, Illuminating Yellow, Heartwarming Fuchsia, Look-at-me-now Red, Blush, Lavender and Dynamic Greens, every color has been dubbed 'energizing' and 'uplifting'.





When it comes to the top 2022 winter trends, all things leather are equally celebrated. From the oh-so-coveted leather biker jackets that have been reigning supreme for decades, to leather belts, bags, and footwear, everything boasts modern, edgy elegance.



Shop this Bag

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Top bag trends for winter 2022



Not so long ago, we were raving about itsy-bitsy bags, now we are all in desperate need of large totes to help us carry all our necessities. The top winter investment is arguably an all-year-round tote that follows all the aforementioned trend suggestions.



Shop this Dior Bag


Chain bags


The chain-handled purse is here to stay for yet another season giving us plenty of time to score the best luxury handbags. No matter if you are a fan of gold or silver hardware or simply love contrasting materials, this one is definitely for you.




Now that you are up to date with the latest 2022 winter trends for women, you can take advantage of our growing collection of pre-loved luxury fashion to score every trend for less. Our upscale women’s consignment boutique specializes in designer handbags, clothing, and accessories to help you add that chic flair to all your future looks.



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